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PublishingXpert: Comprehensive Extranet Publishing


PublishingXpert is a complete, end to end, business solution that allows companies to share and sell their knowledge capital. PublishingXpert provides a turnkey solution that accelerates the time it takes to bring new online services to market. It features web publishing with robust content and document management, distributed staging services, customer service interfaces, granular access control, and industrial-strength search services.

In addition, PublishingXpert, supports a wide range of payment options, and a user agent framework to perform user tracking and enable targeted marketing. All of these features are flexible, in that they can be completely customized and tailored to specific business needs. For more PublishingXpert product information, click below:

Netscape PublishingXpert 2.0 Data Sheet
Netscape PublishingXpert 2.0 FAQs
Netscape Publishing System 1.6 Data Sheet
Netscape Publishing System 1.6 White Paper
Netscape Publishing System 1.6 FAQs

You can obtain technical support for PublishingXpert in the following ways:

Via phone: (650) 937-2727, Monday - Friday, 5:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST

Via web: Visit this page to find the latest Release notes, FAQs, Product Updates, and Technical Tips.

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