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Actra CrossCommerce Platform Demonstrated as Government Commerce Initiative Unveiled
WASHINGTON, D.C. July 1, 1997 -- Actra's President and CEO, Jim Sha attended a ceremony today in Washington DC where federal government officials introduced an initiative for global electronic commerce. At the center of the initiative was a paper entitled, "A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce." The document establishes a set of principles to guide international trading over the Internet.
"We are honored to be involved in supporting a strategy that recognizes the huge potential for conducting business over the Internet. We are in full support of the government strategy proposed for conducting global electronic commerce and believe strongly that collaboration of businesses and government is essential to drive this market place forward," said Jim Sha, president and chief executive officer, Actra. "Increasingly, corporations, governments and consumers around the world are using and relying on the Internet to conduct business. While U.S. companies are quickly adopting the Internet as an efficient way to purchase and sell products and services, it is critical to have a global framework in place to avoid future international business impediments and to ensure the continued take up of the Internet as a viable trading infrastructure."
For the past eight months, industry executives have worked alongside government officials and representatives from other private sector organizations to draft the Framework. The Framework is an important element of the administration's agenda on trade and technology as it discusses the commercial implications of the Global Information Infrastructure (GII). It lays out principles that support policy development and outlines a road map for discussions with international trading partners to ensure free and open global electronic commerce.
In addition to supporting "A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce," Actra has been an important participant in the Internet Purchasing Roundtable efforts that have established the Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) standard. OBI is another critical component that will drive the growth of Internet commerce. The OBI standard establishes a generic set of requirements, and a technical specification for business-to-business Internet purchasing and selling solutions. Working with American Express and SupplyWorks since October 1996, Actra will be one of the first Internet commerce application solutions providers to bring to market an OBI compliant buying and selling solution.
Actra's Jim Adkins and Lincoln Yarbrough also attended the White House ceremony. Earlier in the day, they participated with several other software vendors in the White House's technology demonstration of Internet electronic commerce solutions.
Founded in April 1996, Actra is a joint venture between Netscape Communications Corporation and GE Information Services (GEIS). Benefiting from GEIS' market expertise as the world's leading provider of business-to-business Internet commerce services and Netscape's leading position in developing and marketing software for the Internet, Actra provides next-generation Internet commerce applications solutions for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce markets. Additionally, Actra is taking an active role in promoting open standards for Internet commerce.
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