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Laurie Beeson, VP of Marketing, Boise Cascade Office Products
"Actra CommerceXpert fills a void in the marketplace by providing buyers and sellers with flexible solutions to communicate more easily and effectively during Internet transactions. Actra's new applications will enable both buyers and sellers to develop more customized and efficient processes to manage Internet purchasing."

Mike Kennedy, VP of the Advanced Information Management Division, Meta Group "Actra CommerceXpert is addressing a space in the market that is potentially huge, and growing - the Internet commerce applications space. The solid, well thought out, extensible architecture that leverages open standards - such as CORBA and IIOP - on which Actra CommerceXpert is built, makes Actra an interesting proposition for any Fortune 1000 company looking to extend its Internet commerce activities."

Robert Chlebowski, SVP, Electronic Commerce, Wells Fargo Bank
"Wells Fargo is a significant player in EDI and is committed to business-to-business electronic commerce. The fact that Actra is driving EDIINT standards to enable secure, interoperable Internet standards and that ECXpert is built upon those security standards was a huge benefit to our customers. Proprietary systems that require our partners and customers to have the same software as us, in order to communicate, has never been a satisfactory option. Actra ECXpert offers an open, secure alternative that makes the Internet a viable business alternative for communication. We need a product that will enable us to carry out a complete commerce cycle from our back-end systems through to any number of small, middle market or large corporate customers needing to enact payment. Wells Fargo looks forward to working with businesses interested in electronic commerce solutions to meet their business needs, and as an early adopter of Actra ECXpert stands ready to assist companies with their implementations."

Maynard Webb, CIO, Bay Networks
"As a leading internetworking company, we leverage Internet technologies such as ECXpert to remove the barriers of distance and time when conducting business. Our testing shows that by integrating ECXpert with our SAP system we will be able to seamlessly transact business with our key partners either directly over the Internet or via EDI. We believe this will drastically reduce our operating expenses and increase efficiency, allowing us to more tightly focus our resources on our core competencies."

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