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Mercator's EDI Data Mapping and Translation Capabilities Enable an Open Internet Commerce Solution


WILTON, CONN-May 19, 1997-TSI International Software (TSI) today announced a strategic OEM agreement with Actra. The companies have integrated Mercator", TSI's business application integration tool, into Actra's ECXpertä System, an electronic commerce software solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) over Internet and non-Internet networks. Mercator's "any-to-any" data mapping capabilities will link EDI and non-EDI data to back-office systems, enabling ECXpert to satisfy the data integration requirements of EDI and other data object types.

ECXpert provides companies with a software solution for setting up and operating a cost-effective, and easy-to-use electronic commerce system that is built upon Internet technologies. The product is compliant with the Internet standards defined by the EDI Work Group, EDIINT, and is one of the first commercially available products that has successfully completed interoperability testing sponsored by CommerceNet. Actra ECXpert offers an open, secure alternative that can help make the Internet a viable business alternative for communication.

"TSI's Mercator system fits nicely with ECXpert," said Lincoln Yarbrough, product manager for ECXpert. "It's designed to be embedded, it supports many data object types, and its graphical drag-and-drop mapping tool is useful in the marketplace. For the medium-to-high end market segment Actra is targeting with ECXpert, Mercator is our choice."

"TSI is pleased to ally with Actra, who has used leading edge technology and know-how to raise the standard for messaging and application software." said Connie Galley, president and CEO of TSI. "Actra is well-positioned to leverage Mercator's strengths to provide a point of interface to integrate the Web with back-office systems."


About Mercator

Mercator is an "any-to-any" data transformation tool for creating seamless interfaces between business applications. It features a workstation environment for creating transformation solutions and the ability to execute on over 15 different operating platforms including NT, UNIX, Windows, OS/400, and MVS. Pre-built adapters are provided for connecting to a range of data formats including R/3 IDocs, EDI, HL7, COBOL copy books, and relational databases.


About Actra

Founded in April, 1996, Actra is a joint venture between Netscape Communications Corporation and GE Information Services (GEIS). Benefiting from GEIS' market expertise as the world's leading provider of business-to-business Internet commerce services and Netscape's leading position in developing and marketing software for the Internet, Actra provides next-generation Internet commerce applications solutions for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce markets. Additionally, Actra is taking an active role in promoting open standards for Internet commerce.


About TSI International Software

TSI International Software is a leading provider of software for "business application integration" and the seamless connection of computer applications. TSI's flagship product, Mercator, is an important component of an array of business application integration solutions. These include transformation of electronic commerce data to and from applications, integration of Web applications with back-office systems, and integration of enterprise applications, such as SAP's R/3, with legacy and third-party applications.

TSI software is in productive use worldwide by companies integrating their internal applications or conducting business electronically. TSI is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut. More information on TSI can be found on the Internet at


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