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MOUNTAIN VIEW and SUNNYVALE, Calif. (May 19, 1997) - Netscape Communications Corporation and Actra today announced that Netscape plans to distribute the full line of Actra CrossCommerce products, introduced today by Actra. Actra CrossCommerce is a new family of Internet Commerce software solutions for buying, selling and merchandising goods and services over the Internet. It includes: ECXpert, OrderXpert Seller and OrderXpert Buyer in addition to MerchantXpert and PublishingXpert.

Built from the ground up on open Internet standards and leveraging the Netscape ONE open network environment, Actra CrossCommerce delivers online solutions for both business-to-business and business-to consumer online commerce. As a distributor for the five new products, Netscape will sell the Actra CrossCommerce product line to enterprise customers in 47 countries through its worldwide sales force. In addition, Netscape will dedicate and train sales resources to sell the Actra CrossCommerce products beginning immediately.

 "With Actra CrossCommerce, Actra is building on Netscape's vision of the Networked Enterprise and delivering some of the first commercial Crossware applications, a new class of applications that span operating systems, networks, databases and devices and extend beyond the firewall to include customers and partners into business processes," said Marc Andreessen, senior vice president of technology at Netscape. "Netscape is making the new CrossCommerce products available to our customers worldwide so enterprises can leverage their Intranets for Internet and Extranet commerce applications."

"Today's announcement crystallizes a crucial part of our relationship with Netscape," said Jim Sha, president and CEO of Actra, a joint venture of GE Information Services and Netscape. "Netscape is a proven leader in selling software solutions for online commerce with more than 2 years of experience. The company's global efforts to distribute the new CrossCommerce solutions will significantly broaden the sales channels for and accelerate the customers acceptance of these new products among Netscape's broad community of enterprise customers."

Based on the popular Netscape Commercial Applications, Actra CrossCommerce products provide a standards-based solution that focuses on the needs of Fortune 1,000 companies. The new products provide online commerce solutions such as online publishing, retailing and order fulfillment -- that link vendors with customers, partners and suppliers. Actra CrossCommerce solutions integrate with existing enterprise systems, extending them to the Internet, while protecting EDI investments.

The Actra CrossCommerce family includes:

ECXpert - the foundation product of Actra's CrossCommerce portfolio that delivers the equivalent of EDI for theInternet.

OrderXpert - software for corporate buying and selling on the Internet.

Includes OrderXpert Buyer, an Internet procurement system that operates in a multi-supplier, inter-enterprise environment. Also includes OrderXpert Seller, an electronic product catalog that uses EDI technology for order management via the Internet.

MerchantXpert - Internet retailing software based on Netscape Merchant System for companies building online,personalized Internet storefronts.

PublishingXpert - comprehensive Extranet publishing software based on Netscape Publishing System for selling content online.


ECXpert is the first CrossCommerce product scheduled to be available from Netscape for the Sun Solaris 2.5.1 operating environment in June and for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 within two to three months. Pricing for ECXpert will be per-processor-based. Availability of the other CrossCommerce products from Netscape will be announced as each new product becomes available during the course of 1997. Each Actra CrossCommerce product will be individually priced based on a per-processor pricing model. For more information please contact Actra on 1-888-706-2600, Netscape on 1-800-638-7483 or GEIS on 1-800-560-4347.

Founded in April 1996, Actra is a joint venture between Netscape Communications Corporation and GE Information Services (GEIS). Benefiting from GEIS' market expertise as the world's leading provider of business-to-business Internet commerce services and Netscape's leading open Internet software line, Actra provides next-generation commerce solutions for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce markets. Additionally, Actra is taking an active role in promoting open standards for Internet commerce.

Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software for linking people and information over enterprise networks and the Internet. The company offers a full line of clients, servers, development tools and commercial applications to create a complete platform for next-generation, live online applications. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "NSCP," Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.


Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is available on the Internet at, by sending email to Corporate customers can call 415-937-2555 while consumers can call 415-937-3777 for more information. Netscape is a registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States and other countries. Netscape's logos, Netscape

MerchantXpert, Netscape PublishingXpert and Netscape product and service names are also trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation, which may be registered in other countries. CrossCommerce, ECXpert and OrderXpert are trademarks of Actra. All other products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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