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Inter@activeWeek Article
September 16, 1997

Actra Corp., the year-old venture cofounded by Netscape Communications Corp. and General Electric Information Services, today announced a new version of its popular publishing tool, as well as availability for other major components of its CommerceXpert business-to-business software and server product line.

Actra plans to ship within the month version 2.0 of PublishingXpert, a system that lets publishers manage and sell content and services to subscribers over the Internet. Originally released as the Netscape Publishing System, the technology's most prominent boosters include The New York Times, PC World Online and The Wall Street Journal.

PublishingXpert 2.0 for Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris will ship by the end of September. A version for Silicon Graphics Inc.'s IRIX operating system is due out in the fourth quarter, while support for Microsoft Corp. Windows NT is expected in the first quarter of 1998. The new version, a completely rearchitected design intended to address publishers' scalability concerns and now based on the Netscape ONE platform, adds new personalization, content management and administration features.

A Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT version of ECXpert, an electronic-commerce system that lets businesses share applications and information with their partners that was released in May for Solaris, will also ship by month's end. Also due this month for Solaris is SellerXpert, software that lets companies set up an over-the-Web ordering system. A Windows NT version of SellerXpert is due in the first quarter of 1998.

With the other two components in the CommerceXpert family -- BuyerXpert and MerchantXpert -- ECXpert, PublishingXpert and SellerXpert are intended to offer businesses a complete end-to-end solution for creating commerce applications for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer purposes, Actra said.

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