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September 16, 1997

Netscape's Actra division will deliver a wholly revised upgrade to the PublishingXpert Web site server later this month, adding a new content-delivery pinnacle to the CommerceXpert family of business-to-business servers.

Due September 26th, Netscape PublishingXpert 2.0 is a multitiered, distributed application developed by Actra using the Netscape ONE platform, which adheres to such standards as Java, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and CORBA.

Used by such content deliverers as PCWorld Online and the New York Times, the upgrade to PublishingXpert 1.6 offers personalized content delivery, improved management of content, secure payment capabilities, subscription and billing services, advanced search capabilities, and centralized administration, said Actra, a joint venture of Netscape and GE Information Services.

Pricing for PublishingXpert begins at $75,000, which includes Netscape Enterprise Server and LiveWire Pro. Oracle Enterprise Server is the supported database, Actra said. A separate Content Management Server is also available for $20,000.

Also part of the CommerceXpert family, ECXpert, currently only available on Solaris, will ship for Windows NT on Sept. 30. It gives EDI-type transactions a Web interface and presence for $50,000 per CPU for the first CPU, with discounts for additional processors. SellerXpert, which tackles the task on online catalogs, will ship on Sept. 30 for Solaris, priced at $195,000; an NT version is due before April 1998.

With PublishingXpert, Actra also introduces the AgentXpert architecture to provide a CORBA-based agent framework for detailed personalization and one-to-one marketing from a user's customer base, Actra said.

"This marks the first time we have charged a subscription fee for access to our content," said Adam Block, director of product development for PCWorld Online, in San Francisco.

Block said he likes PublishingXpert's scalable architecture and multihosting capability. "Its multihosting capability allows us to serve a wide variety of unique publications based on the same infrastructure, using common billing, staging and customer service components," he said.

PublishingXpert 2.0 also uses technology from CyberCash, for secure payment transactions; NetObjects Fusion, for Web site-building capabilities; PLS, for site-navigation for end-users; and Verity, for advanced searches and native indexing of various types of files.

Netscape PublishingXpert 2.0 on Sun Solaris is scheduled to be available beginning September 26th, with SGI's Irix and Microsoft's Windows NT scheduled for availability by year's end and in the first quarter of next year, respectively.

Netscape Communications Corp. in Mountain View, Calif., is at (415) 937-2555 or Actra Business Systems, in Sunnyvale, Calif., is at


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