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GE to serve as strategic systems integrator for Actra’s Internet commerce products


ROCKVILLE, MD, May 19, 1997 – Today, GE Information Services announced it will serve as the strategic systems integrator for Actra’s CrossCommerce products. With more than 20 years’ experience in integrating deep legacy systems with both public and private networks, GE will provide the systems integration services that are critical for attaining the long-term benefits of Actra’s Internet commerce products and applications.

"Since Actra’s CrossCommerce products are Internet-centric but have hooks into legacy systems and value added networks, systems integration will be a key component of the entire Internet commerce solution they provide," said Harvey Seegers, president and CEO of GE Information Services.

GE Information Services will focus on the following key systems integration services for Actra’s CrossCommerce products:

  • Integrate Actra’s software into legacy systems (i.e., order systems, inventory management systems, accounts payable systems) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems;


  • integrate Actra’s software into GE Information Services’ suite of electronic commerce products and services; and


  • develop interfaces for Actra products to talk with middleware, GE’s value added network, and GE’s value added Internet (private TCP/IP network).

These systems integration services will allow customers to unify their electronic commerce strategies across their enterprise and create comprehensive electronic commerce solutions to span their Intranets, Extranets and the Internet.

Actra’s CrossCommerce products will enable companies to build Intranets and Extranets, the foundation for their Internet commerce strategies. Recent studies show that for every dollar spent on Intranet or Extranet software, companies tend to spend three to five dollars on systems integration. "Most companies’ internal MIS departments are already stretched to the limit and so they turn to systems integrators with the expertise to quickly implement their Internet commerce solution," added Mr. Seegers. "GE Information Services has been a systems integrator for global trading communities for more than 20 years due to our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and value added network services. This expertise gives us a unique perspective on systems integration for the rapidly growing Internet commerce marketplace."

 GE Information Services announced in March that they would also be working with Netscape Communications Corporation to provide systems integration services as part of Netscape’s Extranet solutions for business-to-business electronic commerce.

 GE Information Services is a global leader in business-to-business electronic commerce solutions, managing the world’s largest electronic trading community of more than 40,000 trading partners. Our global networked solutions include EDI and messaging services, Internet, Intranet and Extranet services, and a full suite of applications that help streamline supply chain management processes. Combining the power of electronic commerce applications with business process consulting, systems integration, community management, and customer support, we bring good things to life in the world of electronic commerce. GE Information Services is one of the twelve key businesses of the General Electric Company, USA, and is headquartered in Rockville, MD, USA. (



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