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Four Major EDI Vendors Complete Suite of Interoperability Tests and Receive CommerceNet's
Outstanding Achievement Award
PALO ALTO, Calif., June 2 /PRNewswire-- CommerceNet, the premier industry association for Internet commerce, today announced that four leading-edge vendors have completed formal interoperability testing and successfully demonstrated the secure exchange of electronic data interchange (EDI) information over the Internet. The successful testing makes it possible for businesses to exchange EDI transactions over the Internet with confidence in the security and interoperability of the vendors' EDI software.
During May 1997, Actra Business Systems, Digital Equipment Corp. (NYSE:DEC), Premenos (Nasdaq:PRMO) and Sterling Commerce (NYSE:SE) successfully completed all of the CommerceNet interoperability tests based on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) EDIINT Workgroup recommendations for secure EDI over the Internet. The fourteen tests included the successful exchange of certificates, signed messages, encrypted messages and signed receipts (non-repudiation of receipts) for EDI and general electronic commerce data over the Internet.
Two other EDI software developers, Harbinger Corporation and Atlas Products International, have completed interoperability testing with each other and expect to confirm interoperability with the other vendors shortly.
Awards and Honors
These companies will receive the ``CommerceNet Outstanding Achievement Award'' on June 24 at Business Online '97, a conference jointly sponsored by GIGA, Arthur D Little and CommerceNet in San Francisco. The CommerceNet Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to companies and individuals who make major contributions to the advancement of Internet-based electronic commerce. Additionally, those individuals in each company who lead the testing program will be honored for their ground breaking effort. For further information on the Business Online '97 Conference, consult
Drummond Group
Rik Drummond, of The Drummond Group, a consultancy specializing in Electronic Commerce, and also the CommerceNet Executive Director for the EDI and Network Services Portfolio, says, ``This is the dawn of a new era in business-to-business electronic commerce. Now businesses may exchange critical business data over the ubiquitous Internet with confidence because of these new, ground-breaking, interoperable, secure EDI products which have and will result from the tests.''
Commenting on the creation of the EDIINT standard and Actra's completion of the interoperability tests, Jim Sha, Actra CEO said, ``Actra has worked conscientiously as part of the EDIINT workgroup to drive forward this crucial standard. Interoperability and openness is a fundamental design point of Actra CrossCommerce and specifically for ECXpert, our EDI over the Internet product. We believe that in order for true Internet commerce to take place, standards such as EDIINT have to exist. We are pleased to have been part of such a group and to have delivered EDIINT compliant software -- ECXpert -- to initiate a new era of non-proprietary communication.'' For more information about Actra, see
Digital Equipment Corporation
``The successful completion of the CommerceNet interoperability tests is a major step forward in providing customers with secure and interoperable Internet-based electronic commerce solutions,'' said Wayne Toye, Marketing Manager for DEC/EDI software at Digital Equipment Corporation. ``We are excited to contribute to this ground-breaking effort and to deliver the benefits of our DEC/EDI software to customers as part of secure and interoperable electronic commerce solutions.'' For more information on Digital EDI and electronic commerce solutions, please see or contact the company at
``We're pleased about CommerceNet's effort to certify the interoperability of standards based Internet EDI products,'' commented Greg Vesper, director of Templar product marketing at Premenos. ``Premenos was the first to make Internet EDI possible with the release of our ground breaking Templar product in May of 1995. Templar supports all relevant EDI standards, and it's currently being used by more than a hundred customers transmitting millions of dollars daily.'' For more information on Templar or Premenos, please visit
Sterling Commerce
``Sterling Commerce is pleased to be a key participant in the successful series of CommerceNet interoperability tests,'' said Dave Pond, Vice President of Labs for Sterling Commerce's Commerce Services Group. ``As a leading global provider of Internet-enabled electronic commerce services and software, we believe the Internet and World Wide Web will play major roles in extending the benefits of electronic commerce to a broader trading community.'' For more information about Sterling, see
CommerceNet is the premier industry association for promoting and building electronic commerce solutions on the Internet. Launched in April 1994 in Silicon Valley, CA, its membership has grown to over 500 companies and organizations worldwide. They include the leading banks, telecommunications companies, VANs, ISPs, online services, and software and services companies, as well as end-users, who together are transforming the net into a global electronic marketplace. CommerceNet can be contacted at Tel: 415-858-1930; Fax: 415-858-1936; URL:
Contact: Stacey Bressler of CommerceNet, 415-858-1930, or
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