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Actra, a joint venture between GE Information Services and Netscape Communications Corporation, announced yesterday the availability of Actra CrossCommerce, a cross platform family of Internet commerce applications that focus on the external business processes of buying, selling and merchandising over the Internet. Actra CrossCommerce consists of five products: ECXpert, OrderXpert Seller, OrderXpert Buyer, MerchantXpert and PublishingXpert. Actra CrossCommerce is built from the ground up on Internet standards that delivers total solutions to both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, according to the company. Actra CrossCommerce also addresses businesses that provide Internet retailing and information publishing services in a multi-hosting model.
 Fully object-oriented using Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Actra CrossCommerce is based on open, interoperable Internetstandards including Internet Inter-ORB protocol (IIOP), S/MIME, SSL, EDIINT, Java and leverages Netscape's CrossWare technology. The Actra CrossCommerce Java-based interface enables any user, anywhere, to manage their own activities based on access privileges, while preserving control, security and audit of enterprise assets.
Actra CrossCommerce products are individually priced based on a per processor pricing model.

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